HEXGame | Regional Management

A fair distribution of resources and the effective collaboration of all stakeholders determine a community’s success and survival. The HEXGame simulation compellingly visualises these challenge.
How is it possible to bundle the interests of all municipalities involved in a region and to coordinate them using a regional management? How can the representatives of the municipalities develop trust, how can a joint strategy be developed and implemented? The simulation game HEXGame allows you to experience these processes at an accelerated pace via the structures of a fictitious country with several management levels. Resources are unequally distributed in the region. For instance, one municipality has more housing space available, another more industrial production.

The business game HEXGame was developed for UNESCO’s high-level personnel training and constitutes the work shop’s core element. Via the evaluation phase and the seminar organisation we focus on the special issues your region faces. These can be:

  • fair distribution of resources
  • solution of conflicts
  • regional management
  • crisis management (e.g. distribution of refugees)
  • communication and public relations

Depending on your individual situation we adapt or combine the game in line with your available concept and/or newly develop it for you.