Shipyard FLOTT | Quality & Error culture

What is quality? What influence do leaders have on the error culture within the company? Your company has clear quality criteria for each process, step and component. The quality management is well positioned. But why is this idea not lived by quality? Why is it partially reflected in the daily decisions and actions of its employees?

We deceive in this business game participants to provide production figures over the quality. Participants are employees in an emerging shipyard which manufactures marine components. The simulation is intended as an introduction to the issue of quality. It generates the participants willingness for use of QM tools and quality in their everyday lives.

Learning goals:

  • Product and production quality
  • Importance of documentation
  • Function of management of quality in the company

Game features and conditions:

  • Participants 6 -16 people
  • Playing time four hours
  • Simple and flexible integration in a workshop or workshop series
  • A seminar room

Languages of instruction and facilitation:

  • German and English