GRID | Process Optimization

Risk and Process Optimization

Workers deal every day with the specific needs of their customers and look for optimal, technical solutions. The management sets the scene and tries to contain costs. How is it possible to reconcile these two different goals with each other? How can companies balance these coordination processes between service levels? Work must be organized so that even with disturbances, daily work must continue and the customers needs must be satisfied.

GRID is an interactive, haptic simulation game that firmly addresses these issues. The network of local infrastructure must be optimally managed and maintained. The staff must replace old connections of the network, without causing it to serious disruptions. This would be challenging in itself, if it does not cause interference or other problems.

Learning goals:

  • Dealing with risks
  • Influence of management on work behavior
  • Mindfulness (Theory approach Weick and Sutcliffe)

Game features and conditions:

  • Participants 7- 21 people; ideally groups of 7 participants each
  • Playing time  5 hours
  • Can be easily integrated into a workshop
  • A seminar room, optional group rooms

Language of instruction and facilitation:

  • German and English