Our contacts into different professional networks guarantees the consideration of current developments.


Eric Treske is member of the executive board of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA).

The aim of the Association is: to unite professionals from across the world and from diverse disciplines who engage in the research, design and application of gaming and simulation and related methods. The mentioned methods include a broad collection of research, consultancy, teaching and learning methods and techniques, such as game simulation, management games, policy exercises, computer simulations, computer assisted simulations, role-plays, scenarios, dynamic case studies, activities in the field of experiential learning, etcetera.


Eric Treske is board member of the Swiss Austrian and German Simulation and Gaming Association (SAGSAGA).


intrestik is member of the German Association for Quality (DGQ).

Designing Quality - Developing Excellence. This demanding standard applies to all fields of DGQ activities. In this context, we place great value on the optimal combination of market and customer proximity with the concept of quality.