Fountains | Integration

What is needed for a successful social integration?

Since at least 2015, politicians and citizens in Europe have passionately discussed the problems of immigration. How can we guide and assist people from other cultures in Western societies to integrate with us? What does integration mean to us? What difficulties are we confronted our opposite? What conditions are required for successful integration? Refugee aid activists answer these questions differently from the citizens and "strangers" on the streets.

Participants in Fountains get to undertand integration, conceptually. They reflect the related issues of assimilation, separation, integration and marginalization. While other intercultural simulation games focus on the difficulties of communication or the shock of the encounter, Fountains offers the hands-on experience of the process of acculturation. The varying behavior and actions of the participant groups help them understand new dynamics of integration.

Learning goals:

  • Understanding policies
  • Experiencing problems of integration
  • Testing of strategies of coexistence

Game features and conditions:

  • Participants 6 -30 people
  • Game duration 3 hours
  • Can be easily integrated into a workshop
  • a seminar room

Languages facilitator handbook:

  • German

Language of instruction and facilitation:

English, German, Estonian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Hebrew and Turkish

Published by The Integration and Migration Foundation Our People, Tartu, Copyright © 2011
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