AUTO AG | Groupwork

Group work and lean production

A company adds a lean or general production system to its production line. Principles, such as pull production, one-piece-flow and Kanban are being introduced. At the same time, production groups are to organise their work independently in future, supported by group representatives. How is such a profound change most effectively communicated to production staff? How can a company promote acceptance for the consequences of change among upstream and downstream support areas? How can doubts among staff systematically be dealt with and clarified?

Our work shop with the AUTO AG business game provides answers to these questions. With the help of AUTO AG, participants experience the lean production concept first hand. Stakeholders identify the chances and requirements of group work. We understandably bring the respective roles up for discussion and clarify expectations to group speakers, leading to a broad acceptance of changes among the parties involved. The business game simulates a small, agile factory, where participants produce different types of vehicles. The groups increase production step by step, while stocks are constantly reduced. Eventually, customers are able to order any vehicle type at any given time.


  • Conditions and requirements for work groups and group representatives
  • Lean production
  • Kanban, push-pull, one-piece-flow

Basic conditions:

  • 12 - 16 participants
  • 1-day work shop, business game integrated in the work shop
  • seminar room

Facilitation language:

German or English