Stellwerk | Awareness

Working in complex social systems

Usually, humans can learn to deal with complexity, on their own without any external assistance. However, when several people work together in a major task, that learning becomes more difficult. What is it that allows the group to coordinate well even under difficult conditions? How important is the division of functions in this group system? How can a very good results be delivered in the given time, despite the stress?

In the Stellwerk simulation, participants organise the train movements in a large railway station. Trains must arrive on time and safely at the intended platform. As employees and managers in a control room, participants control the train movement and react to disturbances.

Learning goals:

  • Dealing with faults
  • Coordination of work processes under stress
  • Impact of management decisions on working conditions

Game features and conditions:

  • Participants 7 people
  • Playing time  five hours
  • Can be easily integrated into a workshop
  • A seminar room

Languages of instruction and facilitation:

  • German and English

Train the Trainer
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